Special Chapter : The House of the Rising Sun

(Cher lectorat francophone : cet article est un au revoir à mes colocs, c’est pourquoi il est en anglais, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, après ce hors-série le blog renouera avec la ligne éditoriale que vous aimez tant ainsi qu’avec la langue de Molière)

The Animals – The house of the Rising Sun

(« There’s a house in Albany / they call the Rising Sun » I just chose this song for its title (and because it’s a really nice song), don’t mind the lyrics ! From the room I was sleeping in, I could see the Sun rise over Albany every morning, and the Rising Sun also refers to Asian cultures (especially Japan of course), seen to the East from Europe)


I will always remember that Thursday night when Zeng Bo and Ikea came to pick me up at Albany Bus Station. I was so lost when they took me to the Chinese Supermarket before bringing me back here. On that night I began a journey that would take me much further than New Zealand.

3 months have passed, and as I’m leaving today, I can’t find another word for this place as « home ». I wanted to thank all of you for that.

Trying delicious hot pot soup, sushis, red bean soup, spicy noodles, okonomiyaki, kumara, indonesian rice cakes, dumplings and much more…

Cooking and sharing crêpes, carbonara pasta, aligot, tiramisu, strawberry jam…

Learning to use a rice cooker, to cook banana pancakes or « Robin style » noodles…

Going out to the beach, to Waiheke, to the Night market, to the City, to the Gardens…

Speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, English, French, Singlish and Manglish…

Learning to say « Shuo zhongwen » and « Kamxia », « Ok lah » and « Okaeri », « Terima kasih » and « Tuo gwang », « Niku o taberu » and « Can Liao lah ! »

Teaching « bonjour », « salut », « à poil », « merci », « La Terre est bleue comme une orange »…

Learning and teaching guitar, playing Depapepe’s Start, Falling Slowly, Xiao Xing Yun…

Playing the Rubik’s cube and basketball, watching Breaking Bad on Youku…

Going to the movies to watch the Maze Runner or the latest Star Wars, and trying some New Zealand wines…

And I can’t even begin to name names !

All those moments will be memories forever in my mind. They made the place where I came back every night, a home, and I can’t thank you enough for them.



I bid farewell to the people of this house of the rising sun and wish everyone of you all the best for 2016. May it be a year of endless traveling and rich encounters for all of you !

Hope to see everyone again very soon and many times again in our lives, whether it be at the top of the Tongariro, in South Island, in Singapore, in Malaysia, in China, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Japan, in France or anywhere else !


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